Welcome to St Kitts Rehab Centre. We are the most advanced rehab center in the Caribbean. We offer the most advanced clinical applications only available in a handful of centers in north america. Drs Sandra Aurelia Cramer and Norman (Bobsy) Cramer have been studying Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and neurological rehab for decades.

Dr J Cramer, former Orthopeadic surgeon and superintendent of JNF hospital fell in love with this local; Aurelia Losada, our grandmother. Our grandfather Dr J Cramer, who purchased the first ever ambulance here in st Kitts, made it his mission, that all Kittitans could receive health care no matter where in the island they were. As the legacy continues, just like our grandfather so have we carried on the hopes that all Kittitans can receive the absolute best in health care.

Dr Sandra Cramer who is 5th generation Kittitian brings home the the most advanced up-to-date rehab centre in the Caribbean. To those who come from all over the world for the Neurological Intensive Rehab; welcome, and enjoy this beautiful tranquil laid back friendly island.

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